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Mankind (SciryL and !LLumiN@TE)

The American Dream [Dusty Rhodes]

from by Mankind (SciryL & !LLumiN@TE)

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I have American Dreams
My hands they can never be clean
I mean sure they're manicured of course
I'm a man of esteem
But I could never hand an angel it's wings
Unless it's fried chicken
Do you smell what I'm cooking in my kitchen
Or am I gonna need an eyewitness
The only thing I mind is my business
I hit the matrix tryna find glitches
So I ain't got the time to like pictures
No! I have American Dreams
I wear the fabric of whatever it seems
Oh you think you sew better?
In your fancy stitch Lo sweater
Shit is cold!
Oh yeah?
So is the weather
I'm trying to hold it together
I have American Dreams
You wet the bed if think European
I'm on the razors edge
Back cracking back taxes
I ain't pay the Feds
They got me pinned I'm just playing dead
I see the ropes bout to raise my leg
On God's body I was saving bread
I'll resurrect when I pay the debt
That's a beef that can never be lean
It's the pursuit of a better crusine
What the fuck do you mean?
When the average civilian is feelings battered
In mask that's face paint, never tatted
Like they never had it
Bunch of jive time turkey doing burpies
Lip service got you mouth wild herpes
From giving slurpies
Cocoa Beware
There's no.mercy for the Hershey
Maybe white chocolate
Put a bulb in ya light socket
They got their hands in your life pockets
So get your head on the right topic
And you might stop it
I have American Dreams
My search engine it could never be Bing
I ain't a jail nigga
Orange is the white like Nailz niggas
My stripe shirts Tommy Hilfiger


from ManKind: The Fall, released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Mankind: The Fall (SciryL and !LLumiN@TE) New York, New York

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