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Mankind (SciryL and !LLumiN@TE)

ManKind: The Fall

by Mankind (SciryL & !LLumiN@TE)

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With pro-wrestling as a thread throughout the album, "ManKind: The Fall" conceptually analyzes what it means to be Black in the USA

- Kee Jay Swift


released November 13, 2015

Mankind: The Fall is a New Rap Order Production
All songs written, arranged, mixed and mastered by
Brian "SciryL" Henry & Nathaniel "!LLumiN@TE" Gasque
Track 10 Harlem Heat produced by Dave Jeffers


all rights reserved



Mankind: The Fall (SciryL and !LLumiN@TE) New York, New York

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Track Name: The Fall [ManKind] (feat. Imani Gooden)
Verse 2 (!LLumiN@TE)

Hanging off a crucifix
Listening to strange fruit again
Losing youth on the news again
Maneuvering through the valley of Death
And got Lost in an Alley
Playing Gutter Ball
Got tossed in the Paddy
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
You divide before you take away
Check the signs they never make mistakes
Jake the Snake got his foot on ya neck
That ain't a paper weight
They serving beef on a paper plate
marinated with a taste of hate
It's deep seated but deep fried
So we eat it, till we die
From a thousand reps
Pools of blood on my housing steps
Shattered bone and a pound of flesh
Smoking loud for a sound affect
I'm self medicated
Obama-Care health legislation never makes it
I beg ya presidential pardon
Black churches burning residential arson?
Try terrorism
American lies devised through your television
They swear to God this is better living
Track Name: The American Dream [Dusty Rhodes]
I have American Dreams
My hands they can never be clean
I mean sure they're manicured of course
I'm a man of esteem
But I could never hand an angel it's wings
Unless it's fried chicken
Do you smell what I'm cooking in my kitchen
Or am I gonna need an eyewitness
The only thing I mind is my business
I hit the matrix tryna find glitches
So I ain't got the time to like pictures
No! I have American Dreams
I wear the fabric of whatever it seems
Oh you think you sew better?
In your fancy stitch Lo sweater
Shit is cold!
Oh yeah?
So is the weather
I'm trying to hold it together
I have American Dreams
You wet the bed if think European
I'm on the razors edge
Back cracking back taxes
I ain't pay the Feds
They got me pinned I'm just playing dead
I see the ropes bout to raise my leg
On God's body I was saving bread
I'll resurrect when I pay the debt
That's a beef that can never be lean
It's the pursuit of a better crusine
What the fuck do you mean?
When the average civilian is feelings battered
In mask that's face paint, never tatted
Like they never had it
Bunch of jive time turkey doing burpies
Lip service got you mouth wild herpes
From giving slurpies
Cocoa Beware
There's no.mercy for the Hershey
Maybe white chocolate
Put a bulb in ya light socket
They got their hands in your life pockets
So get your head on the right topic
And you might stop it
I have American Dreams
My search engine it could never be Bing
I ain't a jail nigga
Orange is the white like Nailz niggas
My stripe shirts Tommy Hilfiger
Track Name: Papa Shongo (feat. MC K-Swift)
Papa Shango

Verse One - M.C. K~Swift

They either tryna take us down to the slammer,
shake us down like scammers or break us down with the hammers.
They fake crown gon' fall - The earth is quakin beneath us
They they wanna doubt the true and livin we gon make'm believers
Fuck the 85th Precinct - Awake the 85 percent to a divine purpose
My physical ain't always right but my mind's workin
Fuck a 9 to 5 though - I'd rather twerk a 9 at 5-O
Make it thunder clap like Papa Shango
Copper tops for copper's tops, it's only fittin
That the kids wit clips is finna flip your fitted wit extendeds
In my wishes it's the fishes singin lullabies to ya
Pig roast for the rats and roaches in the sewer
Skin bluer than a wall of silence, don't look at me
They monopolized all the violence as you can see
We just inherited American war, fam
The side I'm on opposes the boss man

Verse 2) !LLumiN@TE

Put him in a coffin
Walk in
Like the Undertaker
I turn the lights out
You hear the (Dooong)
Yeah thats what you fright bout
It's too black for you to ever white out
No delete button
No escape
No Relief Coming
Magneto got the Beast running
From and Arc Angle
Star Spanggled
No Charles Rangle
Charles Xavier or Clarke Gable
Just the Feeling that the art gave you

Verse 3) SciryL
Track Name: Goldust (feat. Cavalier)
Verse 3) !LLumiN@TE

This is polish on a brolic figure
Street knowledge with a college picture
I should start a Flickr
I flash forward pass fashion week
With a smile no sagging cheeks
I never show my ass
They throwing cash I ain't throw it back
Why carry weight in a swollen crack
When the checks read Goldmans Sach
The facts is hung freely
Same shit since Aunt Celie
I'm the Color Purple Devine
With Gold outlines, that universal soul glow I shine
It's whatever Sun
Breathe it in I'm 12 deep in Heaven's Lung
When Set rise I will never run
Hello another Good Mourning
The Good die young
So when you're old in the hood I'm from
You know what time it is
I got a Gold Piece
Roll Trees in a Gold Leaf
In the Fall with a Gold Fleece
No Fronting I speak light through Gold Teeth
It's ingrained Nigga whole wheat
Fuck Wonder Bread
Them a bleach till my stomach bled
shit rather be underfed
So I throw up
I should Probably have no gut
But it's swole up with Goldust
You so Fucked
Track Name: WCW (feat. Luce and TreZure)
(Intro Chorus) !LLumiN@TE

You my WCW
The Status is Me Loving You
Me Loving You
No Matter What we going through
You my WCW

Verse 1) !LLumiN@TE

Gotta love hump day
Gotta love the sight of her taking off her undies
I love her even tho we often fight over money
I love her cause she let me hit Raw on Monday
Her sweet sunflower seeps pure honey
Plus she's mature funny
Still'll ride or die
She will go to war for me
Open doors for me
By just standing by my side
The left hand to my right
I need a best best man
I need ring I need tux I need in-depth plans
I need some stocks to invest in
I need a lot I need to stop
I way ahead of myself
I seek a trophy wife instead of a Belt
What does it mean to gain the World
If you ain't got the girl of your dreams
Scared to fall cause you know love Sting(s)
But the pain's worth it
On the surface I'm clean but I ain't Mr. Perfect
I know I can be missing person
With a cold case of cold feet
But who wants to be an old dog with no leash that got fleas
On one knee I'll profess these hopes
Until then please except this post
To my woman crush wednesday

Chorus: !LLumiN@TE

You my WCW
The Status is Me Loving You
Me Loving You
No Matter What we going through
The Status is Me Loving You
Me Loving You
You my WCW
Track Name: Sweet Chin Music
Verse 1) !LLumiN@TE

How you living How you living
New Rap Order New Edition Michael Bivins
I thought it was me but the ID reads different
The names ain't the same
One's chosen One's given but it's All Written
I am who I was and I'm still here
Climbed up a ladder through/threw a table and steel chair
With Sweet Chin Music
Feel the Kick in your teeth music
That roundhouse to your check
All you hearing us the sound of defeat/the feet
Now you sound and asleep
I have Million Dollar Dreams
Wake up and I still ain't got a thing
Still I am a King
Single man still ain't got a Ring
The heart of champion is what I bring
This is not a fling
Every cop case is s slam dunk
They been shooting us with our hands up
How you take a stand
When the judge telling you when to stand up
Black man down let's man up
I wanna know reason Sandra Bland was handcuffed
Somebody tell me why her cell ain't have no camera
Like a smartphone
If I die behind bars
It's probably cause that line was too hard
Never stop searching, never stop asking
Even when it stops hurting
Play this track if you not certain
For real Sweet Chin Music
Track Name: The Nature Boy
Verse 1) !LLumiN@TE

Clean as a mu'fucking whistle
Blow me if you think it ain't official
I'm a Harlem nigga
I got fly jeans its in my Nature Boy!
I am one with the Creator Boy!
What I exude is front page News
You just Paper Boy
Your poor taste lacks Flavor Boy
This is black pride
Black excellence a Black tie
But fuck a noose never ask why
I got the juice I'm a bad guy
Brass ring in my back side
Since Hulk Hogan wants a Black eye
I will bring trouble your way
I came up in NWA Fuck the police
Fuck the law fuck em all
We can both cheat
Feeling Grand I'm a OG
I understand what your plan is
Niggas you ain't low key
It's Slick Rick with the rope piece
Track Name: Austin 3:16
Verse One) !LLumiN@TE

I grab a mic out of habit like
It's my soul/sole purpose
I'll probably Rap in my afterlife
The epithet on my Tombstone
Too Stone Cold to lose homes
This is Black rage
You swore I grew up in group home
You swore I have nothing to lose homes
You too wrong
And two wrongs never make a right
So what's left?
It's in our genes/jeans we just guess
Part of being a human being is just flesh
You know the only part that really can choose death
The rest accrues debt
You better believe it
Like the black pastor said it was Jesus
Like a politician sent to appease/a peas us
We have so many black eyes
Never hard for me to make the track cry
Make the crowd jump like a Massi
That guy
Ultimate Warrior tell a story of
Pain Power Pleasure Euphoria
Glory to God, on stage holding my rod
It's Rowdy Piper the God
It's Happy hour for Bars
Track Name: NWO vs DX (feat. Diaz!)
Intro Chorus) !LLumiN@TE

Cause they a secret society
Black and white rules that decide my fate
All along the truth's ignored
yeah its the New World Order
Give me Strength
Help me find my way

Against a secret society
Black and white rules that decide my fate
All along the truth's ignored
yeah its the New World Order
Give me Strength
Help me find my way

Verse 1) !LLumiN@TE

Black Lives Matter
The Universe is made up of black like matter
This is fact this is dark art
Black light splatters when a dart
Passes through the Heart/Hart Foundation of a shark
There's a certain abomination at work
The Birth of a Nation of Domination
A curse on ManKind
Insert the headline
Politician winning with dirt
That landslides the earth
This a Hollywood production
Big Diesel bodies of destruction
Body a discussion
With oddly insane demons
Shit'll have you fiending for Bobby the Brain Heenan
Like you need it!
Rolling up getting weeded
The challenges of being undefeated
Or being under edict
Seems like history repeated
More like history deleted
You're a mystery believe it

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Harlem Heat (feat. Despize)
Verse 1) !LLumiN@TE

Who Better
You Never
Couldn't kiss my shoe leather
The crown's fitted for a New Era
No cover for cops in blue sweaters
And gold shields you prosciutto on bruschetta
No filter your true color too yellow
Don't be afraid to find your groove stella
Go head and take a cue from Bruce Jenner
I don't judge nigga
Here's a tissue here's a hug nigga
Fuck Nigga!
I'm just showing you love
This my outlet I just throw in the plug
Ask Donald Trump what goes under the rug
Ask Bill Cosby what comes after the drugs
It's hard to swallow
The Act is hard to follow
If you do it
Do it like there's no tomorrow
And your time is borrowed
Even points on the pack
Ain't enough to keep the oinks of your back
Never boink with a rat
Clown niggas doink on mat
I'm the type to light a joint with a match
It's Stevie Ray
Or call mixtape Nate nigga either way
You better watch the Tag team moves we display
don't get your head knocked off boy you need to pray
There's really nothing left for me to say
Track Name: Survivor Series [Tapped]
Verse 2) !LLumiN@TE

I need a favor!
Lend me your ear
Clear your data
I'm in this beat doing the whip
I need a baker (Anita Baker) for this batter
The kids comeback is like the rapture
I'm giving you the best that I got
Whenever I rock it half past 7 o clock
Check Stonehenge
No hair but I'm straight like a combed edge
No conk that's a code Red
Hardbottoms in an old head.
Fake post have no legs
But niggas still run with it
Dumb witted (with it)
You better pass the baton for your race is over
Niggas rather love baking soda
But need life savers
When sparks fly no light sabers
Patawas tryna find Vader
Made you look (Major Look) I'm a psyc (sike) major
Played the books as a side wager
I'm good money
Still nothing is taking this hood from me
I'm may be refined
The principals remain I just made these designs
If it's crazy then fine

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